Why Metal is the Popular Roofing Choice in America Today

Metal Roofing in AmericaAre you wondering why many American neighborhoods are now being dominated by metal roofs? Its popularity is not just a fad. Metal is now a popular material for residential roofing because it’s lightweight, it offers durability, and it looks great, explains Wesleygreenroofing.com. Metal has many advantages as a building material. Roofing companies in Utah highlight three prime qualities of metal roofs. These are durability, energy efficiency, and ease of installation.

Metal roofs are durable

Metal roofs will last for more than 70 years with very low maintenance. Meanwhile, the best asphalt shingles have a lifespan of about 20 years, and they require regular monitoring and maintenance. If you have a metal roof, there is no reason to worry about black mold eating away at the structure, or pests nesting in the nooks and crannies. Metal roofs have strong interlocking connections, which resist weathering, and are virtually impervious to rain and water. If you get high-quality materials, you get a roof that offers absolute protection from the weather and lasts for as long as your home stands.

Metal roofs are energy efficient

Metals have superior ability to reflect heat from the sun. Find products with Energy Star rating for maximum energy efficiency. If the heat on the roof is mostly reflected, it will not influence the internal temperature in your home. This means less work for the air conditioning system, and therefore huge savings on utility bills. Metal roofing helps your household cut back on the cost of cooling.

Metal roofs are easy to install

Asphalt shingle roofs take a relatively long time to install compared to a contemporary metal roof. Experienced contractors can complete the jobs in just a few hours not only because the panels are easy to piece together. The material is also lightweight, and it takes fewer people to accomplish the installation compared to other roofing materials.

Metal is a practical and worthwhile choice. Ask your local contractor about the range of aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc roof they offer.

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