Why Pasco Retirement Communities Need Gardens

Seniors and nurse relaxing outdoors

Garnering an A score and ranking 17th, Pasco County is one of the best places to live in for retirees. It is within the greater Tampa Bay area and has different modes of transport. It offers plenty of parks and trails.

Seniors can also choose different living arrangements. These include assisted living, nursing homes, and retirement villages and communities.

When seniors move to Pasco, though, many of them are not only looking for a new home or community. They also want a place where they can be healthy and relaxed. For this reason, retirement communities should consider commercial landscaping services in Pasco County.

How Gardens Can Improve Senior Health

More studies showed how gardens could encourage older adults to stay active. A 2008 study revealed how these could help the seniors meet their daily-recommended physical activity. A 2009 research by Kansas State University cited how gardening activities can boost hand strength.

These two studies are significant since older adults can develop sarcopenia. It is a natural process characterized by gradual age-related muscle loss. It can be one of the risk factors for immobility. So far, there’s no precise treatment for it, but exercising can help.

Gardens can still be helpful even if the seniors don’t do the planting and the digging. A 2015 University of Minnesota study revealed that natural environments improve the quality of life of older people. Hearing the sounds and seeing the trees is enough to encourage them to explore the outdoors. In the process, they get to walk and take in the sunshine. They can socialize with friends, which can help boost their mental health.

The presence of plants can also reduce their stress levels. They can find a space where they can enjoy solitude. Trees and flowers can prevent self-rumination. Plants can even give them purpose and meaning.

Landscaped gardens help take care of the Florida retirees who want to make the best of their twilight years. Consider this option if you are managing a senior care or senior living facility in the state.