Why Taking Care of Your Oral Health Means Taking Care of Your Body

Dental Check-up

Dental Check-upPeople say that a smile speaks volumes but what if a person cannot smile because of oral problems? Oral problems do not only exclusively affect the teeth and mouth but it can be linked to problems in the body.


Before, doctors would not refer you to a dentist if you have heart problems, as they do not think that there is a connection between oral health and overall well-being. According to Mahoney Family Dentistry, though, research has proven that there is a correlation between gum disease and chronic conditions. And this connection is especially obvious in people with diabetes.

Teeth and Sugar

Of course, what goes in your body passes through your mouth first. There is a connection between diabetes and periodontitis, because bacteria in the gums lead to infection and inflammation. This, in turn, would result to the weakening of the body’s ability to control your blood sugar.

Diabetes occurs when a body lacks insulin to process sugar; furthermore, periodontal disease impairs your body’s ability to use insulin. This would then lead to the worsening of an individual’s condition.

Inflammation Affecting the Mouth and Heart

Studies show that inflammation in the mouth could also lead to inflammation in the blood vessels that would also result to higher blood pressure. This is due to blood that cannot readily pass through inflamed arteries. Unhealthy teeth could also lead to stroke or even heart attacks.

Other Connections

It is important to seek help especially in relation to oral problems, and if possible, near your area; for example, if you live in Indiana, make sure to search for competent dentists in South Bend.

Not brushing your teeth could not only be detrimental to your oral health, but can also cause rheumatoid arthritis, lung conditions, and osteoporosis among others. Consequently, taking care of your oral health would lead to a healthier body, reducing the risk of acquiring the diseases mentioned. Remember, treat your mouth and take care of it as if it is your heart.

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