3 Secrets For A Perfect Paint Job

Professional Painter in New ZealandAlthough painting might appear to be a simple task, many people often achieve dismal results whenever they attempt to do it. The article highlights some of the secrets to getting a stellar paint job results.

More than any other profession, painting has a real image problem since everyone entertains the thoughts that it is an easy and straightforward affair. Just grab a roller, a brush and a couple of plastic sheeting and you are all set, right? No, not quite, you are not even closePainting is both an art and science; you need to have the proper skills and technique as well as use the right materials and equipment.

While most people just jump right into the task, Capital Decorators Ltd shares these three secrets from notable master painters in NZ.

Preparing the Surface

Although a wall might appear smooth to the casual observer, a pro painter will tell you that they often contain tiny cracks and bumps that mar the resultant paint job. Failing to prime the wall and fix these cracks and dents often lowers the quality of any painting project. Sanding and smoothing away bumps or applying painter’s putty or filler to any surface eliminates these anomalies and paves the way to a smooth, professional finish.

Get the Right Paint

For a perfect paint job, you need to know your paints. Glossy paints are scrubbable and stain resistant, but their bright sheen also amplifies any imperfections on the surface. Latex paints look well on new trims, restorations and interior walls as kitchens and bathrooms. You should never skimp on paint coverage; rather each paint gallon should never spread beyond 400 square feet.

Get the Brushes Right

For the best results, use brushes that are flagged – split and forming a slim tip with multiple lengths. Synthetic brushes, especially those with a blend of polyester and nylon, do an exceptional job with latex paints. Natural bristles work best with oil-based paints rather than water based one since they cause them to swell and lose shape. Hardwood handles provide a firm grip even with sweaty hands, allowing you to deliver stellar results.

The key to a perfect paint job is getting the right materials and using the right equipment.

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