Five Affordable But Highly Effective Sales and Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

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Sales and marketing are the backbone of every business. Without it, no business would be in existence. It is also one of the toughest to grasp and streamline as the strategies and methodologies are ever evolving.

If you want to know how important this department is, look at the many marketing agencies and printing franchise opportunities for sale offering all sorts of marketing solutions. They exist because companies are willing to invest heavily on the sales and marketing efforts. As a small business owner, though, you may not have the resources to heavily pump into your marketing, but these affordable tips are equally effective.

Include Testimonials in Your Ads

Testimonials are great evidence to show your target clients that your service or product has been used and has delivered its promise. So, make a point of collecting them, especially from influencers and people who are relevant. Ensure the testimonials are not full of fluff but describe specifically how the product or service helped the client. Use the testimonials on all your promotional marketing as well as website.

Address Customer Complaints ASAP

The moment you get a complaint from a customer, address it as soon as possible. Postponing it will only anger the customer and aggravate the damage. The moment a customer leaves your door angry, the most probable thing that will happen is they will complain to someone else (or a number of people) about their dissatisfaction and you will lose both the existing client and a few more who listened and were put off.

Start Marketing Your Product Even Before It Hits the Market

This creates anticipation from the customers and by the time your product hits the market, they will have already made a decision to consume it. You will start earning from the product immediately it hits the stores and this will save you the hustle of starting from zero to market a product that is already in the market. When running the campaign, remember to focus on the features of the product and its benefit.

Combine Both Offline and Online Marketing Efforts

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There is no single marketing strategy that can stand alone. Often times, marketing success is as a result of different strategies. Study your customers and learn how best to reach them and talk to them then adopt the strategies that you are certain they will respond to.

If you are dealing with a younger generation then digital marketing is what you will want to invest heavily in but that doesn’t mean you will not use other offline means. The idea is to invest more efforts in what works best but without neglecting the others.

Give the Customer a Reason to Buy

A customer who takes their time to walk into your store and ask questions is an interested client and who is ready to purchase. When they ask you questions, don’t just answer what they have asked but give more information and, if possible, demonstrate. People buy easily into practical things. Tell them why they need to buy and what they will be missing should they not. Give them alternatives if you have.

Finding the right marketing methodology is a matter of try and fail for most small business owners but after a couple of fails, you are bound to find what speaks most to your customers. So be patient, open-minded, and use these tips for low-cost marketing strategies.

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