A Model for Profitable Small-Scale Farming

Small scale farm in New Zealand

Small Scale Farm in New ZealandOurs is a world filled with problems. There are issues concerning food security, adequate nutrition, and reliable income, among others. To deal with these, people have devised their own solutions: one which is small-scale farming, also known as micro-farming. Yet, others still dismiss the idea of becoming farmers themselves, pointing to the inherent riskiness of such an endeavour.

So, is it possible to actually earn a living from small-scale farming? The answer is a resounding “yes,” and a couple from Quebec proves it. Jean-Martin Fortier and his wife Maude-Héléne own a mere 1.5 acres of land, and yet, they’re able to adequately supply 200 families. In addition, they easily earn six figures a year, and have enough room to hire two employees.

The Fortiers and their enterprise are good role models for aspiring homesteaders, and the steps to replicate their success are easy to grasp. First, the change must start from within by learning to live simply. It is entirely possible to survive on a meagre budget, provided that one’s financial priorities are set straight. The importance of trial-and-error can’t be understated as well, more specifically in terms of choosing which crops to cultivate. To determine whether a specific farming move is feasible, patience and research are critical.

It also helps to move away from pure business at times and focus on what matters: the family. You really can’t expect a small farm to be profitable in its early stages. While waiting for things to take off, consider the farm as an immediate source of fresh, healthy food, which in turn can make living expenses more manageable.

Full-time micro-farming comes with risks, as with any other profit-oriented venture out there. But still, there’s no harm in getting things started and trying them out. Whip out those tools, get a hold of the likes of agricultural cartage services, and brush up on farming basics—it can very well be a profitable undertaking in the long run.

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