Wisdom Teeth: Do You Need to Remove Them?

Wisdom Tooth Removal in IdahoWisdom teeth come with age. Some people say that it’s a sign of maturity, and they’re proud to have them. But if they’re causing you pain, there are experts that can help you in Boise. Wisdom tooth removal is one of the services provided in clinics such as Caring Smile Dental Clinic. Feel free to call and visit them for assistance.

Aside from the discomfort caused by wisdom teeth, below are some reasons that require their removal:

  • If they start to affect jaw movement

Watch out for some possible occurrences. If the wisdom tooth scratches the soft tissues in your mouth and if you bite your cheek as you chew, you have valid reasons to undergo extraction.

  • If there is no enough space

If there is limited space, the nearby teeth will be crowded. Because the surrounding gums are hard to clean, inflammation and infection can spread to the adjacent teeth and they can be hard to control.

  • If they are moving in the direction of the adjacent teeth’s roots

As the wisdom teeth move towards the roots of the nearby teeth, the former puts pressure on the latter. Consequently, the roots will dissolve leading to permanent damage. For this, you better have your wisdom teeth extracted.

  • If they are damaging the other teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth create deep pockets that collect bacteria and food; thus leading to inflammation and infection. If the infection persists, your dentist may require the extraction of your wisdom teeth and the teeth that surround them.

  • If they have caused gum issues

If partially erupted, wisdom teeth cause pain and swelling as they crowd the other teeth. The swelling may lead to more serious problems like infections and gum diseases.

A lot of people say that wisdom teeth removal is not a necessity; others believe it is a must. If you opt for extraction, make sure to have it done by a trusted expert.

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