Bleed No More: Quick Solutions for Bleeding Due to Implants

Dental Checkup

Dental CheckupBleeding gums, for most people, are not a prominent issue after a bone graft, installation of multiple dental implants or dental extraction. Yes, bleeding does occur right after any of these procedures. When it does, you might find yourself disoriented due to the sight of blood in your mouth.

Why gums bleed after implants

Dental practices often receive complaints regarding bleeding after the procedure. One of the most common cases involves implants surrounded by mucous, which leads to peri-implantitis or mucositis. Whilst these diseases may occur without pain or discomfort, you must consult a dentist immediately to avoid serious deterioration.

Mucositis displays inflammation, redness and soreness in the soft tissue surrounding the implant. Peri-implantitis, on the other hand, is a severe case that occurs in 5-year-old implants. Diagnosis of this condition includes bleeding and bone loss greater than 2 to 3 mm around the implant.

Bleeding immediately after the procedure: is it normal?

If you experience slight bleeding after the installation, it is not unusual. Your saliva mixes with the blood, which might appear as heavy bleeding. Blood-tinged saliva might persist until 48 hours after the surgery. If the bleeding continues, check the gauze pads clenched between your teeth. Sheen Dental Implants, a dental practice in Richmond, suggests repositioning the gauze to control bleeding.

Other easy remedies for bleeding

Typically, your dentist will also recommend biting with steady pressure on the gauze for 30-60 minutes. Repeat this procedure several times for the first 3-5 hours and wait for the bleeding to stop. Just leave the gauze in your mouth and allow the pressure to help your blood clot.

A tea bag also acts as an effective remedy for bleeding gums. A regular tea bag with caffeine will suffice. Wet the bag and bite on it for 30-60 minutes. Tea contains tannic acid, which helps stop bleeding by clotting the blood. Whilst your gums might temporarily darken, do not panic — it will eventually wear off.

After implants, you should also avoid consumption of hot food and beverages during the first 24 hours. Hot meals will provoke your gums to bleed. Instead, drink and eat cool and lukewarm meals to avoid bleeding.

Bleeding is common after every implant installation. With these quick remedies, there is no need to worry. Consult a dental practice for more insight on your bleeding gums.

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