How ACs Can Keep Us in a Good Mood

Air Conditioned Room in IndianaCooler temperatures have that soothing effect on our bodies. It makes us less irritable because we feel comfortable. It prevents sweating and other conditions that can dampen our good mood.

Weather and our Bodies’ Response

Our bodies’ response to different weather conditions is in a way a defense mechanism. During hot weather, our bodies sweat to fend off the extreme heat. “Sweat douses our skin in moisture, which cools us down when it evaporates,” writes Belle Beth Cooper at Crew.CoWhen the weather becomes hotter, we feel worse because our bodies probably find it hard to keep it at a comfortable temperature level.

When we feel worse, we know that’s also going to affect our day right? Thankfully we have different technologies that we can rely on for chilling out and keeping us in a good mood. For one, we have air-conditioners which now uses improved technology for more efficiency and lesser energy cost.

More Reliable AC Technology

Legacy Heating & Air shares that AC units run quieter now with improved compressor technology and fan-blade system. The generic refrigerant R4 10A is eco-friendly for being free of chlorine that eats up the ozone layer. If an old AC unit consumes 60 watts of electricity to cool an average size house, today it can be cut to as little as 1,710 watts per hour. These are all made possible with today’s two-part system for cooling indoor air.

ACs with a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio of 13 or higher performs more efficiently at a lower energy cost. A 68-decibel rating has the quietest condensers. Moreover, a two-stage compressor runs at full power only during extremely hot temperatures. Its built-in diagnostic ports also make it easier for repair service providers in Indiana to identify problems.

The weather has a way of eliciting a biological and psychological response from us. How we deal with it shows in the mood we allow to reign. So don’t forget to turn on the AC or open up the blinds for better indoor air.

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