Care for Two-Wheel Ride: Maintenance Tips for Bicycles

maintaining bicycle

maintaining bicycleRegular bike maintenance is an important undertaking meant to keep your ride in check so that you can keep riding without worries. Whether you are a professional cycler or just ride for fun, it is important to keep your bike in tiptop condition. You can start with the basics that involve bicycle cleaning, inflating tires, and lubrication. shares a few tips on bicycle maintenance:

Tire Pressure

Always check the tire pressure and make sure the two are not overinflated or underinflated. Use a stand pump and make sure each wheel has the right amount of air pumped in. Some bicycle shops will also help you use theirs. Make sure to check for the tire number, which will tell you how much air is necessary.

Brake Pads

Inefficient brake pads can lead to braking inefficiency. Always check the grooves in the rubber pads to determine if replacements are necessary. Fitting new pads is affordable and easy, and there online guides and articles that will show you how to do it.

Chain Clean

Always clean your bike’s chain for better performance. This is fairly easy to do, as you only need rags, and old toothbrush, chain lube, and degreaser. You can also use a handheld chain cleaner for a quicker and more efficient job.

Comfy Seat

Make riding more comfortable by making a few adjustments to the seat. Evaluate the most comfy position by raising or tilting the seat. This can help prevent sore bum syndrome or sore knees while cycling.

Storage Tip

Store your bike in dry place, away from heat, rain, and dampness. This will help maintain the condition of your ride and lower the amount of maintenance needed. Ideal places to store a bike include garages and under stairs.


Keep bike parts properly lubricated for optimal performance. This helps protect bike parts from excessive wear due to friction. Lubrication will also keep corrosion and rust from invading metal components. Just make sure to avoid over-lubricating, as it can damage your bike.

Apart from these DIY maintenance tips, you shouldn’t forget regular bike maintenance from professional. This is particularly important for regular riders. Make sure to bring your ride in twice a year for checkups to ensure complex components are serviced properly.

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