What Should You Do When You Get Arrested?

“You’re under arrest.” Hearing these three words from a police officer can be unnerving, whether you’re guilty of an offense or not. Facing arrest can be a humiliating and traumatic experience and you might not be able to think clearly when it happens to you. [Read More]

What Happens if You Get Charged With Careless Driving?

Driving without due care and attention is likewise called careless driving or reckless driving, and the charge is exactly what its name suggests. While a charge of careless driving is less serious than a criminal charge of dangerous driving, it still comes with serious consequences. [Read More]

Estate Planning: What Exactly is a Private Annuity?

A private annuity is a strategy used in estate planning. It involves transferring property from a trustor’s (the estate owner) estate to their children before their demise. Considering that the trustor has a properly established private annuity, they could avoid gift and estate taxes while still [Read More]

A Short Guide to Finding a Reliable Bondsman

Arrest and incarceration rates have been going down since 2010. Imprisonment isn’t something people often worry about ‘til it happens. When you or your loved one gets arrested and you don’t have enough cash, getting a bail bond only makes sense. All of them promise [Read More]