Challenge Accepted: Be a Legendary Engineer


EngineerEngineering is one of the most in-demand courses in the Philippines, according to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The Commission forecasts that the course will stay in demand until 2018, along with Accountancy, Information Technology, and Social Sciences; this is why they are encouraging incoming freshmen students to consider making the courses a priority in their options.

There is a great demand for skilled engineers, not just in the Philippines, but in the global landscape. The world needs creators and innovators; if you’re considering signing up on this job description and taking engineering as a course, there are specific skills and qualities you need to succeed in the field.

Strong analytical ability

Educators from say that engineering students must have strong analytical skills that will enable them to respond to the complex details of the profession. A crucial part of analytical aptitude is good problem solving skills, as engineering students are exposed to data that require designing solutions. It’s important to have strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Mathematical expertise

There is a lot of solving scientific and mathematical problems in the engineering curriculum because calculus, trigonometry, and physics are needed in analysis and design of engineering projects. Students who want to pursue engineering must have a strong background in math and science.

Effective communication skills

Engineering students must have the ability to translate complex jargons into familiar language to communicate effectively with future clients. In the classroom setting, there are many projects that will entail working with classmates to prepare them for the actual field, where they have to coordinate and cooperate with other engineers. It’s important that they are a team player, possessing good interpersonal relationship skills.

If you have these skills and qualities, take on the challenge of being a creator and innovator. The world needs you.

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