Common Practices that Could be Hurting Your Family’s Oral Health

Woman using dental floss for cleaning her teeth

How good is the oral health situation in your family? It is easy to think that you are doing everything right, but many little mistakes often go unnoticed. These harmful practices can add up over the years, resulting in gum disease, bad breath or painful cavities.

Here are some of the most common ones that you need to fix today.

Skipping your annual visit to the dentist

The anxiety many people feel at the dentist’s office is one of the leading causes many people would rather shun the visit altogether. Unfortunately, that is a terrible thing to you.

If you sometimes feel humiliated or afraid when visiting your current dentist, then look for a new one where you and your family members are comfortable. Also, look for a reliable pediatric dentistry office in South Bend that your kids will love.

Using mouthwash

Advertisers would have you believe that mouthwash is great for your dental hygiene. The fact of the matter, however, is that what you see and hear in those adverts is not necessarily true. Mouthwash has a drying effect in your mouth, which is not good for the flora living there.

Remember you need a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth for cavity protection and overall health.

Brushing too hard

Brushing too hard can be harmful to your teeth and gums. The harder you brush, the more your gums recede from your teeth. The result is that the sensitive parts of your teeth are exposed. Also, receding gums lead to higher exposure to gum disease.

Ignoring mouth pain

You should not overlook any mouth pain, no matter how mild. Pain is a signal that something is wrong, or that you may have an infection. If you do not solve the problem by using painkillers or oil pulling, see a dentist right away.

Many of the small errors you make when it comes to taking care of your oral hygiene can seem deceptively insignificant, but it is crucial to rectify them right away. Fortunately, it only takes a few simple steps to reverse these habits and any effects they may have caused to your teeth so far.

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