Harnessing the Power of Smiles into Your Life


DentistA smile has the power to change lives. This simple gesture brings out the happiness in you and shares it with other people. You may not realize its power due to constant stresses life brings at your table, but this should not prevent you from choosing to use this gesture anyway.

Experienced orthodontists in Layton share some reasons you have to keep smiling your way through life:

Smiling keeps you happy

It sounds contradictory, but it is true. You might think smiling is a reaction to being happy. While this is the default understanding, you can actually choose to smile even when things are not great for you. Studies show that smiling unleashes “feel good” chemicals from your brain to the rest of your body. It keeps you happy and healthy at the same time.

Smiling is contagious

Like yawning, a smile has a contagious effect. It is a positive picture that causes other people to do the same. Bring a good smile on your face with you when you go out and flash it to people while doing good deeds. It can make anyone’s day even when they are just starting. Positivity spreads like wildfire so if you want good things to come back to you; start with yourself.

Smiling makes you more attractive

More people think that a good smile is a great asset. It can make you look more approachable and increase your beauty to the people around you. Most people prefer having someone emitting positivity around them. It improves your personality, which can help you in landing a job or finding a date.

Harness the power of smiling to affect change in your life. Visit your dentist and have your set of pearly whites checked. A beautiful, straight set of teeth can brighten up anyone’s day.

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