Influenced by Alcohol: You are Not You

Alcohol Abuse The main problem with excessive alcohol drinking is that it releases too much dopamine or “feel good” hormones, making it difficult for you distinguish good or bad things. As alcohol enters your bloodstream, it lowers your inhibitions, making you feel more outgoing and relaxed, but also making you pursue stupid things. It may prompt you to start acting in ways that you usually would not.

Making Bad Decisions

Excessive release of dopamine can block your ability to make sound decisions. It may cause you to become more violent, make inappropriate comments to friends, experiment with illegal substances, engage in risky sexual behaviors, and embarrass yourself in front of others. The risks of lowered inhibitions go beyond these things, as some heavy drinkers are admitted to hospital due to alcohol poisoning.

If you regularly drink alcohol and then suddenly decides to stop, you are more likely to experience withdrawal symptoms, Vizown explains. Alcohol treatment centers in Oklahoma note that you may have mood swings, muscle aches, cold sweats, and feel restless. This is why those with alcohol problems seek the help of professionals to help them battle alcohol addiction.

Revealing a Different You

Alcohol is so powerful that it can alter the brain’s chemistry. It may allow you to reveal your or other’s best-kept secrets or even your true self. Intoxication can cause you to say things you mean but did not mean to say. You may also say things you don’t intend to say or even things you don’t actually believe. If you are a shy person, for instance, alcohol can make out an outgoing and a hyperactive person.

The sad news is, however, chronic exposure to alcohol can be difficult to abandon. This is because you’ll have difficulty making clear decisions, which can cause you to believe that you can handle any effects of alcohol. Recovery, on the other hand, is a definite possibility. Seeking professional help and taking responsibility for your actions can help.

Don’t let alcohol abuse change your personality and your behavior. Seek help if you think alcohol drinking is interfering with your life.

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