Kids and Families: A Lucrative Market for Your Business

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Fun is the name of the game for business in 2019. Invest in fun and entertainment, and you’ll have a business that caters to almost all ages. A simple children’s party offers franchise opportunities for a long time — at least until the world runs out of kids celebrating their birthdays.

Here are clear reasons to invest in fun.

Encouraging Families to Spend More Time Together

A business that promises fun activities has a clear demographic: kids and families. Why?

For starters, families need to spend more time together. The typical American family spends about 37 minutes together per day. On average, a family spends at least two hours and 40 minutes together during weekends.

Intense work hours have forced parents to go home late. Then there are the household chores to deal with when they get in. A study from Visit Anaheim shows that one in four parents says they’re too busy to spend time with their kids. The same goes for kids who have to participate in school activities on weekdays. The result: the family sacrifices quality time together.

There’s a great need for families to spend more quality time together. And where there’s a need, an opportunity opens up for business.

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Children’s Parties Never Get Old

Parents are fond of shaking up things for their kid’s birthday party. Children would want to spend their birthday in a place where they and their friends can have lots of fun. Pair fun activities with sumptuous but healthy food, and your business will be the perfect place for children’s parties.

You’re targeting both the parents and the kids. But remember, they have different preferences. For instance, parents are after the price and space. So make sure your business’s rates are reasonable and see to it that the place is big enough to fit a crowd.

Also, parents are after the safety of their children so they may choose indoor venues. They don’t want risks like sidewalk cracks, uneven pavements, and other hazards. Make sure that you provide a safe space and that you have sufficient safety gear for all activities.

Kids, on the other hand, are after fun. It’s about giving them what they want. Create a variety of themes for birthday parties which children, with guidance from their parents, can pick. And keep tabs on the latest birthday party trends for kids to stay updated with what children today want.

The Greater the Fun, the Higher the Profits

Remember, it’s all fun and games until your customers decline. Only 80 percent of new businesses make it past their first year of operation. And the first five years are tough.

Modern customers are changing. And consumer behavior is ever-evolving. So use the right strategies to market and advertise your business. Know what appeals to them, and customize services when possible. Any business that consistently treats customers well will get word-of-mouth referrals, which can mean more customers.

A business that markets to families and kids may never run out of customers. Explore this opportunity when you want to be an entrepreneur.

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