Wise Up on these AC Terms to Purchase the Right One

Buying AC

Buying ACAlmost, if not all, businesses in Australia rely on commercial air conditioners to keep indoor air and climate at comfortable levels. Ensuring that properly-cooled air inside establishments and offices is important for optimum workforce productivity and client comfort.

It is important for new buyers to understand certain terminologies used in the commercial cooling industry, since this will make it easier for them to choose the most appropriate model. SEER, single- and multiple-stage, and size/sizing are some of the most important.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rations (SEER)

This should be the primary factor to consider when shopping around for a commercial air conditioner. This basically indicates the cooling efficiency of certain equipment. It is an indication of just how much of the cooling expense is utilised efficiently and how much goes to waste.

The higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient the system is. Daikin commercial air conditioning systems are some of the highly SEER-rated models in the Australian market today.

Single Stage

Single stage air conditioners come only with ON as its operation setting. So when the equipment is turned on, it runs at full capacity until it achieves the temperature set for it. Once it does, the unit turns off.

Multiple Stage

Multiple stage ACS can be operated through a variety of cooling outputs. You can set it at 66% capacity, or if needed, at full capacity. These are pricier than single-stage models, however, they are usually better options for commercial properties, since they perform more efficiently, have better temperature balance, and have greater humidity-reduction properties.


An air conditioner’s capacity is measured by its ‘size.’ This should be based on the size of the area to be cooled. These are usually indicated by BTUs (British thermal units) or tonnes. To ensure that you get the best results with your commercial cooling equipment, do not install either a too-big or a too-small unit.

Consulting licenced HVAC technicians will make it easier for you to invest in the right air conditioner for your business, as they will help you select not only the right type of equipment, but also the correct size.

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