Order First: Setting Rules in Your Co-working Space

Running a co-working space is a business idea that will help yield a greta profit. And why not? Start-ups are a new breed of enterprise in this day and age. They are typically a small team that looks for a small office where they can operate. Your co-working space will be a good find for them. Moreover, a lot of people are working remotely. They meet clients outside regular offices. Co-working spaces can also make a great rendezvous.

But a co-working space business may not always be easy, especially that you have a lot things and items to maintain. This will not be a problem if you have a set of rules and regulations in place.

You will need to seek the cooperation of your clients. You will have to be strict about it. Whether you have franchise a co-working office space or you have built your own, here’s a short guide to setting up your rules and regulations.

Implement a bring-your-own supplies rule

You may choose to give away some office supplies, but keep in mind that these are also overheads. This means that these can have a dent on your operational expenses. With that, you may change the rule. You can still give away supplies, but you need to limit the amount and time. Instead, you may implement a bring-your-own supplies rule. However, this will not apply if you have stipulated in your contract that clients are free to get supplies.

Have signs set up


You need to remind yourself that people are sometimes exhibiting rule-breaking tendencies, especially if there is no one to remind them. Giving away hand-outs or sending emails is a must, but you should reinforce this step by doing this: set up signs in every room. Remind people to clean as they go in the pantry. Remind them to use the supplies with care. Remind them to flush the toilet. Always help them remember that they are just renting a space.

Have some penalties

Reminders are a great way to implement rules and regulations. But there will still be instances where clients will follow their whim. If these clients have consistently violated your rules, bothered other renters, and have damaged some of your office items, maybe it will be right to implement penalties. There can be a corresponding penalty to a certain type of violation. It may range from payments to total ban.

Encourage clients to read the contract

The best way to make sure that clients respect your business is to encourage them to read the contract. You need to make them realise that they are not the only ones using the space. Stipulate in the contract their benefits and clarify to them the penalties based on certain violations. Most importantly, make sure that your contract is easy to understand.

These are just some of the ways you can protect your co-working space business. A harmonious working relationship with your client will be mutually beneficial in the long run.

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