The Best Candidates for Ruining a Party


PartyParties are meant to be fun — they’re a celebration.

Organising one brings about numerous joys and stresses at the same time. With months and weeks of preparation and booking, you simply cannot wait to see the final result. On the day itself, the anticipation grows and you continue to prepare endlessly, making sure that everything falls into place.

But as all parties go, not everything goes according to plan.

Rather than sulk and lose your head over the surprise turn of events, it is best to be armed with the right knowledge in dealing with them. Here are some of the common party spoilers and the right ways to properly manage them:

Demanding Guests

Guests who have special requests, whether it’s regarding food, drinks or worse, treatment, can sometimes ruin a party even before it happens. Some hosts are aware of special needs of guests and may ask in advance. Otherwise, a guest should not make it difficult and refrain from making such demands. It is  just for a few hours and you can probably sacrifice a bit.

Wishy-Washy on RSVP

The purpose of RSVPs is to get an accurate count of the guests attending a party.  This is usually because the host is limiting the number of attendees, due to either budget constraints or size of the venue. Guests can minimise the stress on hosts by being clear about attending or not.

Call your guests weeks before the event and confirm their attendance. Do not wait for days before the event; give yourself some time to handle absences properly.

Where to Dine, a premier Brisbane venue for hire, recommends going over the food and venue several times through the course of the preparations. Guests will find it annoying  if they cannot enjoy their meals properly. Hors d’ oeuvres are okay being enjoyed while mingling on their feet. If you cannot provide that place to set plates and glasses,  just stick to finger food.

Parties are meant to be fun and celebratory. By eliminating these party bummers, you guarantee yourself of reduced stress levels and an event that’s one for the books.

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