Three Cases that Prove Window Blinds can Protect Homes from Burglars


BlindsHomeowners install blinds for aesthetic and cooling purposes, a characteristic that defines their importance at home. As Australian homeowners become more vigilant with their security, they use window coverings to increase their defence against break-ins.

Here are some cases that prove Perth blinds can protect your home from intruders:

Early Warning

A 24-year old burglar was unable to break into a house after getting in contact with blinds. According to the report, the owner of the house woke to the sight of moving blinds. After seeing that someone was trying to break in, the owner yelled and the burglar reportedly ran off. Investigations later led to the identification of the suspect who was involved in several cases of burglaries in nearby areas, as well. If it weren’t for the blinds, the burglar might have been successful with the theft.

DNA on Blinds

In a separate case, a father became suspicious of his 39-year old son after hearing an alarm go off and seeing his neighbour’s patio doors smashed. He called the authorities, but his son denied the allegation.

Investigators discovered that the suspect has some connection to another burglary days before the recent incident. Although the burglar was unable to get anything valuable, he apparently left his DNA on the vertical blinds, which led the authorities to his identity.

Caught in the Blinds

A successful burglary takes a lot of planning and skill, but a 38-year old burglar clearly doesn’t have the latter after getting caught in window blinds. According to reports, the burglar was searching for computer equipment to steal. Authorities apprehended the burglar and took him into custody. Whether this burglar had someone to defend him or not, he made a name for himself by having a gag-worthy fail burglary attempt.

Window blinds not only beautify your home, but can potentially protect you from intruders, as well. As they say, don’t underestimate window décor. You never know when they’ll become handy.

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