How Downdraft Tables Improve the Safety of Metal and Wood Workstations


WorkstationsWorking with wood and metal will make you susceptible to harmful dust particles. Prolonged exposure to these particles can lead to both short and long-term health problems, proving too dangerous for workers.

To address this problem, many industries enforce the service of downdraft tables, which control the spread of dust by cleaning the air. Meeting the safety standards enforced by industries, this specialized contraption has played a role in increasing safety in a number of industries.

A built-in ventilation system

Downdraft tables offer a built-in ventilation system designed to catch and filter smoke, fumes and dust, says The filtered air is released back into the environment, minimizing energy loss and the need for expensive exhaust systems.

Experts around the world are constantly impressed by the efficiency of downdraft tables. They are effective in controlling dust from sanding and buffing produced in woodworking stations.

On the other hand, metal workers have also taken advantage of this innovation, whose work involves the production of large amounts of highly toxic dust.

Notable benefits

A downdraft table is manufactured from high-quality materials, enabling it to handle a number of specialized tasks efficiently.

They come in many types; what you choose depends on the materials you work with. They include cartridge, portable cartridge, stationary tables and walk-around ventilated. Thanks to the wide variety of setups and sizes, there’s always an ideal downdraft table for a specific industry.

Some downdraft tables can be configured according to your application. They can also include bag filtration for dust, panel filtration for fumes, water filtration, and self-cleaning cartridge filtration, increasing filtering capabilities.

With safety standards strictly imposed by regulatory bodies today, implementing safety measure has never been more crucial. Downdraft tables are multipurpose devices that successfully provide a safer environment for both employers and employees in wood and metal workstations, where there’s constant exposure to harmful dust particles.

If you want to find the right downdraft table for your workstation, consult an industrial air collection specialist.

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