Top Three Reasons You Need a Lawyer

Criminal Attorney from Houston, TXThere are some situations when you can hold off on calling an attorney, but even those situations might become more complicated than usual if you do decide not to get representation. For example, if you decide to just pay your traffic violation fines you might not need a lawyer for that. But if you don’t fight those violations in front of a judge, thinking that paying up will mean less work, remember that those violations end up in your record because paying the fine means admitting to the violation.

That being said, there are situations when a lawyer is your most important ally. Here are some of the reasons you should retain one.

The stakes are high

Does this case involve handcuffs and being taken from your home and transported in the back of a police cruiser? Is this a criminal case? Best to call your Houston, TX criminal attorney. Law Offices of Seth Kretzer notes that a criminal case may land you in jail. On the other hand, a civil case can bankrupt you. With a lawyer you stand a better chance of winning a case. You might even save or make money if you win a civil case because you can claim legal fees. As for a criminal case, your freedom is enough reason not to take unnecessary risks like going it alone.

You need more than just a lawyer

Are you friends with a private detective or some expert witnesses? Your lawyer knows some of those people well. In case you need their help, your lawyer will hook you up, increasing your chances of winning the case.

Trying to fix things yourself can make matters worse

Resolution is better if it works in your favor. This is probably what you want to achieve. The problem is, what if, due to your refusal to get legal representation, you end up digging yourself into a deeper hole and the resolution works against you instead? Nervous yet? Call your lawyer if you want someone with a lot of experience with your case to help you.

You may think you’re saving money or keeping your pride by not calling a lawyer. But if you take those odds, you might end up losing your freedom or your life’s savings—probably more. Call your lawyer and increase your chances of winning your case.

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