Upgrade Your Ride: Mag Wheels

Mag Wheels in Hamilton

Mag Wheels in HamiltonWhen customizing your vehicle, mag wheels or alloy wheels made by Tyretracks may be the best investment you can have. To many vehicle experts, alloy wheels are the best kind of wheels. They have many advantages that just leaves steel wheels in the dust.

Lighter than Steel

The benefits of alloy wheels are many. For one, alloy wheels are lighter than steel ones. Alloy wheels are made from aluminium, magnesium, and some other metals that contribute to the lightness of the wheels. With lighter wheels, you can get better steering control. You can also save on fuel since your car engine won’t need much power to turn the wheels.

Improved Running and Stopping

Alloy wheels also affect the braking and acceleration systems because of their weight. You can easily accelerate and brake. Your braking system will also have less chances of experiencing brake fade. Brake fade is when your brakes do not create the needed friction to decelerate your car’s wheels. The problem can be partial or total.

Stronger Properties

Another big feature of alloy wheels is their strength. Aluminium is a strong metal which can further be strengthened by different refining processes. As an ingredient of alloy wheels, aluminium can keep your wheels from bending, cracking, or easily being damaged.

Looking Good

Perhaps the most important feature of alloy wheels is their style. They simply look good. You can find alloy wheels in a vast range of styles. They are also valuable as they can raise the value of your car.

The Real Mag Wheels

One trivia about alloy wheels, or mag wheels as some know them, is that they are not really made from magnesium. Mag wheels came to be because of magnesium wheels invented in the past. The mag wheels today are properly named as alloy wheels since magnesium is only a small ingredient in the mix. The use of the real mag wheels waned when magnesium was found to be frail and highly flammable.

Whether you will call the wheels alloy wheels or mag wheels, there is still much to enjoy from their features. You can visit your tyre and wheel dealer now to get your own set.

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