Why Does Your Bike Always Have Flats?

Flat Rear Tire In BrisbaneHave you ever ridden a bike plagued with recurring flats? You fix the tube or get it repaired and all over a sudden, the tires are flat again?  The number one reason most people continue to struggle with recurring flats is because they haven’t found the exact cause of the flat. Failure to identify the cause correctly can leave you disappointed, especially if you are a biking enthusiast. That being said, it's not hard to determine the exact cause of the problem and have it fixed accordingly. 

The Yellow Jersey Bike Shop shares some of the probable causes in detail.

Valve problems

When you ride on underinflated tires, this can result to valve failure. When you brake, the tire and tube continue to move even though your wheel has stopped. Furthermore, when debris accumulates in the valve, it causes the valve to be stuck in an open position which leads to leaked air. Using some flat prevention products can also lead to flats when used improperly.


A sudden blowout happens when the tube becomes exposed to the exterior world instead of being safely secured inside the tire. This mostly occurs when one is filling a tire or changing a flat. When the tube gets pinched between the tire and the rim, this can result in a blowout.  Additionally, if you haven’t secured the tire bead inside the rim, you can experience a recurrent blowout. Blowouts may also happen when the tube starts to protrude due to brake pad or dry rot.

Inner punctures

Punctures in the inner surface indicate a problem inside the rim. This may be caused by sharp rim surfaces and spoke nipples. These are some of the causes of recurrent flats.

To help prevent all of these common problems, visit a reputable Brisbane bike store to get a quality bike with well-fitted tires that will ensure that you never have to deal with flats anymore.

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