All About Cars: Do You Believe These Myths?

Moving Car In TaurangaDriving your car to work or school saves time and energy. Its ownership, however, comes with responsibilities. These include maintaining its parts and overall condition through auto electrical, fitness inspection, tuning, and many other auto services.

Many service providers in Tauranga offer auto electrical services and repair, and some of them even provide advice on what and what not to believe about cars and your driving. Here are some common myths:

1. Off-brand gas is not good for your car.

Generic gas won’t harm your car’s engine since it has met the same standards as the branded ones. Take note that it costs less, too. Branded gas is more costly because of the extra engine cleaning additives in it.

2. An electric car can cause fire more than a gas-powered car after a crash.

The truth is, in any circumstance, conventional cars can likewise cause a fire. Even experts don't believe that electric vehicles are at a greater risk of combustion than gasoline-powered vehicles.

3. You need to change oil every 3,000 miles.

It’s a thing of the past. These days, cars can go as far as 10,000 miles without changing the oil. As the oil gets dirty, however, it stops lubricating. The engine wears and deteriorates, so you need to change oil occasionally.

4. Bigger engines are safer than smaller ones during crashes.

This is simply a salesman’s up-sale technique. Big or small, engines will move towards the driver during a frontal crash.

5. Driving fast can cause more accidents.

Accidents can happen anytime regardless of the drivers’ speed. Studies reveal that even in the absence of speed limit, drivers drive at speeds they are most comfortable with. Moreover, crashes happen in both lower and higher speed zones.  

As a car owner, you should be responsible for yourself and other drivers while on the road. Drive safe to avoid injury. Of course, have your car checked regularly by an expert.

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