Your FIrst Horse: What You Need to Know

Girl Riding A HorseSo you have brought your equine buddy home, but you have not clearly thought what this means for you or the horse. Well, here are some of the things that will ensure a beautiful relationship with your new companion.

Horse Nutrition

Grass is a natural feed, but it might not always be on hand. While hay is at most times the exclusive feed for your horse, grain concentrate is needed as it contains extra minerals and vitamins. Hays loses some of its nutritional value in the drying process, and it might not contain enough salt. So a combination of both is of the essence.

Comfort for your horse

Just like human beings, horses need to be healthy both physically and mentally. Their stalls need not be fancy, but they should provide shelter from wet weather and harsh summers. They also ought to be dry and clean for a horse to be restful when lying down.


It is important to groom your horse before riding. Among the accessories, you will need a hoof pick, a comb, and a soft cloth. Grooming is important as it helps to check if your horse has suffered any injuries.

Now that your horse has a good feed and is comfortable, here is what you need to know when you begin riding.

What to wear

Horse riding is an outdoor activity, so your clothes will get dirty. Wear clothes that are comfortable, washable and durable. A.A. Callister's recommends a Double J Pozzi that offers all your horse riding gear from boots, helmets, and pants. Remember that pants should be able to stretch with the rider.

Physical fitness

Riding is a great outdoor activity with fitness guaranteed not just for the horse, but for you too. What better way to exercise than a daily horse ride. You not only enjoy riding, but you have the extra benefit of a workout. A ride gives a good cardiovascular exercise that keeps you in shape, burning those extra calories as well as improving muscle strength.

What a good way to improve your social interaction skills as well as boosting your confidence and patience. A horse will do that for you.

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