June 2016

Top Real Estate Scams to Avoid

With the current overwhelming demand in the real estate market, buyers rush through the buying process to avoid the deal being moved to the next person in line. Others buy property and find themselves in a series of hearings expenditures to settle court cases. City Creek [Read More]

This Isn’t “Orange is the New Black” for Schools

Schools have faced dramatic shifts throughout the years. Before, they served as neighborhood facilities for educational and family events, promoting open environments for socialization. Everyone comes and goes. Today, some campuses aren’t filled with sunshine and welcoming rainbows. Instead, they feel like lockdown facilities where [Read More]

Beware of These 7 Myths About Bed Bugs

A bed bug invasion is becoming a huge concern for homeowners and travelers. It seems like you can’t get a break because they’re everywhere. Before battling these pesky bugs, however, you have to do your homework so you won’t waste your money and time on [Read More]