4 Facts You Must Know About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Man harassing woman

You’ve probably heard some stories or read a case about sexual harassment that happened in the workplace. It’s never a pleasant story to hear, but it happens. There are times when employees would need a mediation master solution to employment disputes such as this, especially when things start to become ugly.

Sexual harassment doesn’t only affect the reputation of the victim; it also affects the employee’s career. It’s best to know these facts so you’ll know how to handle it if it happens to you or to someone you know.

1. You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job

Don’t leave your job before filing a case against your harasser. If you do, they’ll just cancel the case because you’re not part of the company anymore. If you want to quit your job, do it after filing the case and submitting to the investigation.

2. Your Company Will Conduct an Investigation

If you didn’t know this, it may catch you off guard. This investigation may involve having your harasser know that you filed a case. Be prepared for this and stick to your statements to keep a strong case.

3. Your Employer Doesn’t Have to Fire Your Harasser

Not unless circumstances are extreme and it’s happened several times to many employees, your employer doesn’t have to fire your harasser. They must do certain precautions, though, like transfer the harasser to a different department.

4. One Incident May Not Be Strong Enough to Sue

An isolated incident may not be enough for you to file a case, but that doesn’t mean you should report it. Take note of the incident and tell a person of authority in your company. Should it happen again, at least you have a record that it’s happened before.

Knowing the exact definition of what sexual harassment is can significantly help every employee. Know your company’s policies regarding this matter so you’ll know how to handle the situation and make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else in your company.

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