5 Tips for Strong Medical Evidence for Your Injury Claim

The value of reliable medical evidence to a personal injury claim can’t be overemphasized. Indeed, medical records are the fundamental foundation of a claim, and without them, there’s no substantial case. Here are tips on how to get adequate medical records to prove your injuries.

Visit a doctor ASAP.

After an accident, see a doctor even when there is neither immediate pain nor noticeable discomfort. This visit can help safeguard both your health and your personal injury claim. If you unduly wait to seek medical attention, adjusters or defense lawyers may argue your injuries were inconsequential.

Be candid with your doctor.

Sometimes, doctors may not ask all the necessary questions or extract all the crucial information about injuries. Inform your physician of all your symptoms. Also, if a personal injury lawyer in Provo refers you to a medical expert, volunteer any information you deem relevant.

Ask to visit a consultant.

Don’t rely on a general practitioner’s prognosis only. Another medical expert can offer you a second opinion of your injuries and strengthen your medical evidence. Opt for a consultant or request your GP to refer you to a specialist.

Follow the recommended treatment.

After an accident, if a healthcare provider diagnoses an injury and starts treatment, don’t skip. Continue the course of the checkups until your physician releases you from treatment. This way, you won’t compromise on your health. Also, the records of your hospital visits will adequately document and verify the nature, extent, and duration of your injuries.

Review your medical records.

You need to make sure your doctor got everything right when describing your accident and the facts of your injuries and treatment. Ask your physician for copies of your treatment records. Go through the records keenly and request your doctor to correct any mistakes you may find. Discrepancies can be costly.

Settling a claim without getting medical evidence can only get you a “nuisance value” compensation. A personal injury attorney may also be unable to value your case without adequate medical evidence. Visit a doctor immediately after an accident. Also, talk to your lawyer about ways to strengthen your claim.

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