Why the Advice of Elevator Consultants Is Essential

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elevator maintenanceChoosing the right lift is essential for the safe transportation of people in apartments and commercial establishments. Experienced consultants and their services are required to ensure safer lifts, considering the number of persons to be carried and the speed of the structure. After all, lifts can become as iconic as the properties these are a part of. The safety of every person remains the priority.

Services Offered by Elevator Consultants in Australia

Elevator consultancy firm urbanvertical.com.au explained that the professional services offered by lift consultants include feasibility study, construction services, design and documentation, maintenance, insurance, legal and reports/ audits. Experienced consultants offer services to modernise existing elevators or upgrade to the latest model.

Feasibility Study

The consultants need to measure the dimensions and help choose the best elevator for a home or commercial establishment. You can choose glass elevator or closed lifts. The types of elevators include Vertical Lifts, Inclinators, Stair Lifts, Portable Chair Lifts, Inclined Platform Lifts, Vertical Wheel Chair Lifts and Low Rise Lifts.

High capacity lifts are necessary for commercial establishments. The consultants will have to get in touch with local dealers to obtain new equipment at affordable rates. It helps to save some money, so ask for reasonable rates. The consultant should provide cost estimates, design options and traffic analysis.

Design/ Documentation

The consultants should provide design or documentation services like project specifications, scope of work documents and CAD design drawings for easy implementation.

Construction Services

Professional consultants help complete the project within budget and on time. The services they offer include complete project management, contract administration, and construction surveillance and compliance inspection.

Reports and Audit Services

The consultants shall provide comprehensive reports, including safety. An annual report regarding the function of the lift and the cost effectiveness of the elevator maintenance can provide valuable assistance.


When some unfortunate events like fire, floods, short circuits, sudden failure, and falls occur, insurance coverage helps compensate the victims and repair the damaged portion, along with replacement services. The consultants should be thorough in all insurance procedures and suggest suitable insurance policies.


The consultants should carry out periodic maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation and to prevent accidents and any loss of life.

Experienced lift and elevator consultants in Australia help apartment owners and commercial establishments throughout the whole project, from design to maintenance of the elevators at affordable rates. Ensure the safety of everyone in your home or establishment.

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