Suing Due to Personal Injury Caused by Other’s Negligence

Personal Injury Case in ProvoWhen you sustain personal injuries brought about by other’s negligence in Provo, or anywhere else in Utah, you should definitely consider hiring a legal professional for help. Although many people just let it slide because of the minority of their injuries, it does not mean you should, especially when the experience has caused a major impact in your life.

In Utah, the laws surrounding personal injuries caused by other’s negligence include Automobile Tort, Intentional Tort, Malpractice-Medical Tort, Malpractice-Legal Tort, Asbestos, Product Liability, and any other case of personal injury due to another person’s actions.

Automobile Tort

This Case Type involves personal injury resulting from another motorist’s negligence of safely operating any type of automobile or motor vehicle. It also applies to cases wherein property damage or wrongful death occurs.

Intentional Tort

This refers to any personal injury cases intentionally brought upon by another person.

Malpractice-Medical Tort

Prior to July 01, 2016, Utah implemented a separate Malpractice negligence law. After this date, all cases of personal injuries caused by negligence, mistakes, or wrongful actions of medical professionals, including physicians, physician’s assistants, doctors, dentists, and nurses among many others fall under the Malpractice-Medical Tort.

Malpractice-Legal Tort

This pertains to any kind of personal injury case caused by the negligence or misconduct of a professional outside the medical industry.


Although this Case Type only applies to the Salt Lake City District, you should still consider hiring a personal injury lawyer in Provo to help with your case, especially since asbestos exposure has severe health effects and have a long-term impact on one’s quality of life.

Product Liability

Injuries caused by defective or malfunctioning products sold by manufacturers with the knowledge of the defect or the fault, or when they do not include complete instructions for the product’s usage, fall under this Case Type.

All these Personal Injury Case Types can result in long-lasting negative effects on your life, so you have all the right to sue; do not just let it slide.

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