Brushing Towards Healthy Teeth the Right Way

Oral Care

Oral CareBrushing your teeth before bed is part of everyone’s daily routine. Whether it is at the start of the day or before going to bed, it will always be part of your routine if you want healthy teeth. Sometimes, it is almost second nature to you because you have been doing it since you were a kid. This is one of the first grooming things you learn to do on your own. But have you ever wondered if you are actually doing it right? You might be in for a surprise.

Take your time but don’t overdo it

The duration of your brushing matters most. Most dentists in Surrey like recommend that you take two minutes to brush every corner of your teeth. This is enough time to scrub off all the plaque on the surface and all the food particles caught on the sides and in between. Do not take too much time or it can affect your gums. Brush lightly because you do not really need as much force to sweep away plaque. You might just end up with bleeding gums if you exert too much force.

Choose your toothpaste wisely

Sometimes, the problem may lie with the type of toothpaste you rely on. While some brands offer whitening or other gimmickry, you need to scrutinise your choices. Some brands may have ingredients that are too harsh on your tooth. They might scrape away at the enamel and cause it to thin over time. Some may also irritate your gums. The important part of brushing is to keep it clean.

Always remember, up and down motion works best for all the teeth you can see when you smile. Brushing alone may not completely rid you of the bad bacteria residing in your mouth. Improving your daily brushing habits can protect you from dental health problems in the future.

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