Combat Progressive Hair Loss – Undergo Hair Transplant

Hair Restoration in Sterling Heights“You’re never fully dressed without good hair.”

This is a popular saying that emphasizes the role of good hair in improving your physical appearance. Thus, several women make sure that their hair has the proper length, color, and distribution. Unfortunately, scalp hair is susceptible to damage, especially when exposed to constant stress, trauma, and infections. As a result, the hair’s capacity to grow may become impaired.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Abrupt hair loss may be caused by various conditions. Application of excessive topical medications is one of the main factors that may predispose the hair to damage. A combination of compounds may alter the composition of the scalp, which leads to decreased follicle growth. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy may also alter normal cell division in hair, which predisposes hair strands to breakage. Thyroid diseases, gout, and severe parasitic infection are other risk factors that contribute to decreased hair production.

How Should Hair Loss be Treated?

The approach to management depends on the severity, pattern, and duration of hair loss. Some people prefer topical drugs that promote hair regrowth. However, others opt for a long-term solution such as hair restoration and transplantation surgery.

What is Hair Replacement Surgery?

Hair replacement surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves the transfer of small pieces of hair into bald or thinned spots. This is primarily indicated among individuals with hereditary conditions that cause permanent hair loss. Women who experienced significant hair reduction due to burns are also advised to undergo hair restoration.

A surgeon facilitates the procedure to ensure that hair follicles are grafted from a donor to a recipient. This minimally invasive procedure may involve various modes of harvesting and grafting to ensure long-term attachment to the scalp.

The Bottom Line

Hair loss and reduction used to be a progressive, irreversible condition. Nowadays, numerous methods can be performed to ensure lasting hair restoration. Therefore, it is crucial to seek consult from cosmetic surgeons who can perform different techniques to restore normal hair development.