Car Care and Maintenance Tips for Teenage Drivers

Female Teen DriverFor a young person who owns a car, the responsibilities of ownership can be a bit daunting. Your ride may offer you convenience and comfort but, as they say, with great “horsepower” comes great responsibility.

Breen Panelbeaters stresses that it may be a hassle to deal with auto repairs and maintenance, but you have to do it one way or another. This could be the perfect opportunity to practice competence and commitment, which are required characteristics in adult life.

Regular oil change

Changing a car’s oil may seem like extremely difficult work but it is also necessary for your car’s extended lifespan. Keep track of how much oil you still have because it lubricates the engine and keeps it clean. If you discover that you need to add in oil too frequently, then your car might have a leak.

Brakes and braking

The rule of thumb with breaks: going down on it hard weakens it and eventually damages your car. Find time to practice slowing down before you stop completely. This not only saves your tires and break belt but it can save lives, one of them being your very own.

Parking properly

Anyone can start and steer a car but not everyone is capable of parking properly. Practice your parking skills as often as possible. Remember to get used to the width and breadth of your vehicle. You can avoid many accidents if you have managed to train yourself to park your ride properly.

Regular cleaning

Keeping your car clean and free from gunk makes your car trip comfortable. It also reduces accidents since trash will not get in the way of your driving. Bring your car to a trustworthy car care centre for regular repair and maintenance, along with check-ups against rust, dirt and dust.

Remember, your car can reflect your habits and characteristics too so be consistent in keeping it clean.

The purpose of personal maintenance is to keep your car functional and at optimum performance for as long as possible. If you feel you deserve to drive your vehicle then be committed and consistent in your car’s care. This will save you money, your vehicle and even your life in the end.

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