Things to Consider When Applying For a Work Visa

Working Visa in UtahSince there are various immigration visas with different requirements, it is quite challenging to determine how to acquire a US work visa.

Work visa lawyers from Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. based on Utah gives the following list of concerns on how you can get a US work visa.

You require a US employer for sponsorship

Before you start applying for a work visa, it is advisable to have a US employer to sponsor your application. Therefore, to acquire an O visa, L visa, and an H-1B, you should apply for the job and get a position. There are only a few work visas including EB-5 Green Cards and E-2 Investor visas that do not require you to have a US employer. However, the two visas require detailed business plans and a large investment.

Various US work visas are for higher positions

Most US work visas are for jobs that require specialized knowledge and skills, a bachelor’s degree, and several years of experience. These positions are usually on technology, science, math, or engineering fields and are essential if you are applying for a long-term work visa. However, there are visas for temporary, lower skills, season, and agricultural positions including H-2A and H-2B. They are temporary and approved for short-term employment.

The employer has to interview other legal permanent US citizens

The American government gives preference to its residents and citizens. An employer should interview US candidates first before filing a job application for an overseas national. If the US citizen is equally qualified, then the employer must give the applicant that position. If the employer gets another candidate who is equally qualified, then that applicant gets the job.

Having a relative or a friend in the US who want to employ you is not enough because you have to prove that you have the skills and knowledge for the position. The employer should also verify that no one else could take the place.

Applying for a work visa in the United States is a complicated process. Therefore, when things don’t go the right way, you can hire lawyers to help you in the process.

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