Life Goes On: Being Strong While Grieving for a Loved One

Losing Love Ones in Utah

Losing Love Ones in UtahLosing someone in your family is not something you’re truly ever prepared for. Even those who have had ample time to accept what is inevitable and get ready for it may not be completely calm when the shock comes. A loved one whose presence was felt up until their last breath isn’t someone you can let go of in a heartbeat.

Someone has to take control

There will be an overflow of emotions, that’s for sure. But, someone has to do what needs to be done. Life goes on even as your loved one is mourned by everyone, from family and friends to colleagues at work and childhood acquaintances.

Be that person who stays calm and thinks about the procedure. It may sound cold and callous, but someone has to deal with the hospital and the funeral home. Someone has to deal with the deceased’s last will or estate plan after this. Someone has to keep everything under control.

Did the deceased wish for a traditional burial, or did they want you to look at cremation options in Ogden? Did they have a specific request, like a church perhaps? As advises, you have to stay calm to figure out all of this.

Sometimes you have to cry too

There are instances when everything becomes too much to handle. Just because you’re the one everybody in the family looks up to or the one they know will have the answers, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the emotions that are currently burdening them. You’re just as human.

If you want to be that steadying presence and don’t want anyone to see you lose your cool, spend a few minutes or an hour or two in a quiet bedroom. Cry if you must, then get back up and tend to things. Do this now and then; you need time to grieve just like everyone else.

Don’t neglect yourself

If you have a medical condition like high blood pressure, you have to be calm and keep taking your medicine. Don’t forget that. If you don’t feel well, see a doctor. Others may see you as a source of strength, but you have weaknesses and they need attention – for your own sake and the sake of the family.

As they say, this too shall pass. Until then, be the one who assures everyone else of this.

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