Colors that Help You Sell Real Estate Faster

For sale sign in front of a house

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, it’s not enough that the property has the right dimensions, location, or number of rooms. A property will sell faster if it is marketed as not just a house, but also a home. It’s where a family is supposed to start a new chapter in their life; if they cannot imagine themselves being comfortable in the house, they won’t buy it.

Here are three color choices that help sell a house faster:

White and Off-white

Potential homeowners may not share the previous occupant’s love for a boldly decorated living room. Painting the walls a bright shade of red or pink may turn them off instead of encouraging them to consider the property. You’ll be better off with safe white shades, especially if the property is smaller than most Rockport Properties, Inc. homes for sale in Rockport-Fulton.


Blue is calming and clean. It will make the house look family-ready, and when you’re showing the house to a couple ready to start having kids, this is exactly what they will want to see. Choose the right theme to integrate the house into the community without making it bland. For example, if most of the properties have light exterior paints and siding, you can use blue as the accent color and choose beige, white, or gray as the main color.


Green is the color of nature–and money. It will be a great accent color for a house that has a modern design, preferably with metal or glass elements. If you’ve got floor-length windows, adding a bit of green to the walls, or even adding actual greens inside the house, will boost its attractiveness. Equip the house with breezy curtains before showing buyers around, so they can see how comfortable they’ll be in it.

It may not be the most important factor to consider when buying or selling a home, but there’s no denying that colors help determine a buyer’s decision. There’s no harm in staging the house to fit a buyer’s ideal space.

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