DUI in Illinois: What Makes Aggravated DUI “Aggravated”?

DUI offenseThe usual penalties for a typical conviction of a DUI offense in Illinois range from suspension of the driver’s license, which is a sure thing for practically all DUI convictions, to hefty fines, and time in jail. 

However, according to seasoned DUI lawyers in Springfield, an offender can also be charged with a felony and get harsher penalties, along with the usual ones, such as imprisonment, being outfitted with the ignition interlock device, being relieved of driving privileges, and heftier fines, if convicted for aggravated DUI.

Noll Law Office explains that a DUI offense could be aggravated DUI if:

  • It’s the offender’s subsequent or third DUI conviction
  • The DUI offense occurred when the offender drove a school bus with more than one passenger aged 18 and below
  • The DUI offense happened when the offender drove a for-hire vehicle with more than one passenger
  • The DUI offense resulted in severe bodily injury, or lifelong disfigurement or disability
  • It’s the offender’s subsequent or second DUI offense occurred while driving with a child younger than 16 years old
  • The DUI offense was committed with a passenger below 16 years old and caused a crash that injured the child
  • The offender was arrested for DUI without a valid permit or driver’s license, or liability insurance
  • The DUI offense happened in a school area with a mandatory speed limit and caused a crash that injured other people
  • The DUI offense occurred following a past reckless homicide conviction and involved a death of another individual
  • The offender committed a DUI offense while on suspension due to a past DUI offense, or reckless homicide, or due to fleeing the crime scene of a death or personal injury
  • The offender’s DUI offense resulted in the death of another individual

While there are plenty of DUI cases that be managed without getting legal representation, legal counsel is recommended when an offender is arrested for aggravated DUI. Because as stated above, the punishment for a DUI offense involving aggravating factors can be substantially severe and its impact on the offender’s life can be more significant than the usual DUI offense.