Flexible Yet Secure: A Remote Solution in the Legal World

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According to a study by Mcafee, the global cost of cybercrimes amounts to over $400 billion yearly.  This may especially be harmful to something as sensitive and confidential such as information in the legal world.  Also, some decisions are infallibly based on witness accounts or depositions.

A deposition is rife with facts.  Recounts are most often told emotionally by the witness.  Knowing that undesirable persons saw these recounts might add to the trauma.  But for court reporters in Phoenix such as in phoenixdepositionservices.com, sensitive depositions are ensured confidential.


Connectivity that is secure is most sought after by all companies.  A secure connection ensures confidentiality, which is a must in law firms.  Having your videos or documents hacked by other individuals who can use it for their favor and benefit is seen as reckless.  Before, the internet is set up in such a way that connections have no firewall.  Now, firewalls require user authentication for valid persons, significantly reducing the number of unauthorized accesses.


The legal world is costly.  First, witnesses are transported to courtrooms.  For out-of-state witnesses, this may become a problem especially when there is not enough time or resources to bring them over.

According to the Civil Practice and Remedies Code, the party who summons the witness shall pay the witness’s fee.  In cases where a state agency summons the witness, the witness’s transportation, meal, and lodging expenses are reimbursed.  This is very costly for the party which requires the witnesses.  Video conferencing brings your witness in real-time at the courtroom with significantly lower costs.

Video conferencing may also be tapped for use by court stenographers and other legal meetings.  With greater flexibility and security, the possibilities are made endless when an individual or group may be brought anywhere and anytime.

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