Getting a Divorce: The Different Paths You Can Take

Nobody enters marriage expecting a divorce. The sad truth, however, is that about 40% of marriages end up in divorce due to various reasons such as infidelity, abuse, money, lack of communication, among others. While no couple should plan for divorce, an amicable option is essential should it arise.

The first step in a divorce process is to pick your Suffolk County divorce lawyer carefully. You will then get to opt for the strategy you want to employ, and getting a lawyer skilled in the path you choose is important. That said, below are some divorce alternatives that can work for you.


Divorcing couples may decide to work with a mediator to help both parties reach an agreement, and a divorce lawyer is the best choice for a neutral mediator. Both parties, however, are still allowed to have individual attorneys during the process and before signing the divorce agreement. This process offers a couple privacy and better long-term relationships.

Collaborative divorce

In this process, both couples hire attorneys, who help them in negotiating an out-of-court divorce settlement. The process may also involve a divorce financial planner to guide you through the financial aspects of divorce. After a successful collaboration, you will both appear in a family court where a judge will sign the final divorce agreement.

Litigated divorce

Litigation does not necessarily mean the case will end up in court. This is the option for couples whose divorce is a unilateral decision, which makes mediation and collaboration almost impossible alternatives. This process requires an attorney highly skilled in negotiation to reach an amicable agreement. A combative and contentious approach can be emotionally damaging to all parties involved.

Weigh all your divorce options carefully before settling for your alternative. Everybody’s divorce is different. If both the husband and wife are reasonable and there are no hidden assets, then collaborative divorce or mediation can work. If any of the parties is in doubt, however, litigation may be the best option.

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