Helping Your Client Choose a Flattering Hairstyle

Smiling client sitting in a hair salon while hairdresser is combing her hair. Focus on client

A new hairstyle is something that men and women consider when they’re going through a phase. Some things may have changed and they want a new look. For other people, it’s something random — something they consider because they want to look different. Regardless of the reason for their haircut, your clients expect that you’ll give them satisfactory results.

Here’s how to guide them into the best hairstyle for their face and personality:

Take Their Preference into Consideration

These days, more women are coming into salons with a photo or ten of the look they want to achieve. This helps you know what kind of look they’re going for.

At this stage, expectations need to be set. You may or may not be able to replicate the style as exactly as it is in the photo, even if you’ve taken lessons from a Utah hair school. Tell your client what to expect and suggest a variation of the look that will fit them better.

But Stop Them if You Think They’re Making a Mistake

They may be set on a certain hairstyle and you feel as if it’s your duty to go with what they want. However, as part of your job is to make them happy with the results, you should know when to say no. Do this gently, however. Tell them how their chosen style will make them look and offer alternatives. You’re the expert at hairstyling, and if they still want the hairstyle after you’ve warned them, then go ahead and do your best.

You and your client have the same goal — for them to look their best in a new hairstyle. Guide them into a look that flatters their features.

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