Importance of Web Design to Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Web DesignMost people focus on social networking sites, yellow pages, blogs and other online marketing tools to create links to their website and increase exposure of their brand. But in so doing, they sometimes forget to improve the appearance and performance of their websites. As a result, they do not get their expected return on investment despite their elaborate digital marketing schemes.

Companies like Magnify Creative believe that web design affects and even determines the outcome of marketing campaigns. Here are some reasons a good website matters to digital marketing:

People look at appearance before content

When people look at websites, they will usually pay attention to the website’s appearance before the text. If they see too much fluff or they have a hard time navigating the website, they will most likely ignore it and continue their search. In the end, people will ignore the site’s content, no matter how relevant it may be, because of bad web design. This will affect the brand’s popularity and sales as a result.

Good web design matters because it helps keep the attention of the user. It affects the user’s experience and enjoyment of the website. Digital marketers should make sure that they make a user-friendly website and not just focus on the content or link building.

Web design affects a website’s Google rankings

Google is undoubtedly the leading search engine in the world. As most people use it, marketers will likely try to make their brands more viewable in its search results. Google has its standards or algorithms of ranking sites, however, with web design being one of them.

Mobile-friendly websites will probably rank higher in Google search results. This means that websites will most likely get visitors and potential customers if these are in the early pages of the results. That is why most people nowadays strive to design a responsive website as much as possible. They adjust the graphics and texts to make their websites more viewable and navigable in any platform.

These are just some of the ways web design affects the outcome of digital marketing campaigns. It does not necessarily mean people should ignore other marketing tools. Rather, they should not overlook the contributions of a good web design towards the success of marketing efforts.

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