Let the Happiest Childhood Moments In


SentosaYou may want to skimp on the budget and renege on your promise to throw your child a party on his birthday. Know, however, that these events are the kind of memories that gets stuck most in your child’s mind. Before you throw away a glorious opportunity, just note that Singapore has a slew of wonderlands to make your child’s event stick.

The Playing Years

While many may just look at childhood as the time a child is most dependent, science tells a different story. Statesman Journal details: “A child’s most formative years are their youngest — from birth to age 5”. Studies point out that about 90 percent of the child’s brain goes to full development by the time he reaches the age of 5. That includes about 85 percent of the child’s capacity to learn, his personality and social skills.

The sad part is people don’t put needed focus on these formative years. Early childhood education instructor at Chemeketa Randy Fishfader minced no words saying: “We’re really shooting ourselves in the foot by not putting our resources where they will have the most impact”.

Unfortunately, children who don’t do well early are less likely to graduate in high school.

Let the Playful Moments In

To create a positive lasting effect, you can start by allowing little kids to get access to unstructured play. American Academy of Pediatrics reveal that play is essential as it contributes to the cognitive, physical social, emotional well being of children.

But in your child’s birthday party, perhaps it’s high time you up the ante. Exploring enchanting party venues for kids should be worth it.

In Sentosa, awesome attractions that feature themed parks, golden sandy beaches and lush rainforests abound – perfect for your child and his gang. What’s more these places are one of the most child-safe playgrounds you can have. With great event hosting, these place will create a “happy mark” in your child’s mind to last a lifetime.

Don’t let your child’s childhood slip away. Let the happiest moments in while you still can.

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