Men Vs. Women: Gender’s Different Roles in Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Drug AddictionThe differences between men and women will forever remain endless. When it comes to physical appearances, hormones drive the dividing line between men and women. In regard to social roles, society teaches men and women how they should react to situations through gender-based expectations.

Combining biological and societal expectations may also prove the explanation on how the two genders deal with drug addiction.

In Terms of Biology

Several studies suggest that women suffering from drug addiction experience more difficulties compared to the men. An article from the Journal of Substance Abuse reports that women used drugs more frequently than men and often focused on harder drugs. With such studies, it’s evident that women develop more serious cases and biology might play a role.

Women are smaller than men, therefore making them more susceptible to the damage from drugs. Since dealers do not have gender-specific lines, men and women take the same amount. When they do, female users take in more toxins with each dose.

Body chemistry also affects a woman’s susceptibility to addiction. Some studies suggest that estrogen awakens brain receptors to encourage signals of pleasure. With these pleasurable signals, women feel greater bliss when they take drugs, which results in more cravings.

The Effects of Culture believes that cultural influences play significant roles. It often dictates that men should continuously compete and outdo their peers. In terms of drug addiction, male victims are more likely to take more just to prove their manliness. Binges such as this may lead to depression and severe addiction.

Women, on the other hand, subject themselves to peer pressure by bowing to the wishes of others. As a result, they use drugs due to the influence of others. A study in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse found that homemakers with a drug-abusive spouse found themselves in the same situation as their husbands.

Treatment Programs

For, an outpatient treatment center, both sexes can achieve recovery but with different means. Most men enter recovery programs as ordained by social institutions, such as their bosses or the law. Women, on the other hand, seek treatment because they need the help of others. Most men adhere to treatment to abide by the law, while most women do so to maintain their sobriety.

Recovering from addiction may differ for both sexes, but the goal is the same: to recover a new life free from drugs.

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