Wall Breakers: Signs You Need to Repair Your Walls Immediately

Peeling Wall

Peeling WallHome repairs are a huge undertaking, and this is exactly why some homeowners put off fixing until it is completely necessary. This, however, can only worsen the problem and put you in a bind in the future.

Walls are a structural component of any home, and need regular inspection to detect any problems that may arise. Not fixing what might seem like a simple issue as early as possible may lead to safety and foundation issues. Besides, it is not that hard to spot signs that repair is necessary. Once you see these red flags, you would easily know it is time for a wall repair:

Holes and Cavities

Holes and cavities are often signs of termite damage. Termites love to burrow into structures made of cellulose like wood timbers and paperboards, making walls vulnerable to these minuscule pests. If you suspect termite infestation but cannot easily see holes in the wall, try tapping it. A hollow sound is tell-tale sign of termite damage.

Peeling wall surfaces

Water damage is also a common issue when it comes to walls. Peeling wall surfaces, stains, and discolouration are signs that you have to find and fix the source of the leaking water. Check the floors as well for any buckling or cracking.

Jammed doors and windows

Any jammed doors and windows can indicate that a house is shifting—a sure sign of structural damage. See if there is termite infestation or check your house’s construction records, and call experienced professionals right away.

Rust in the concrete cracks

Rust in the concrete cracks is another clue when it comes to checking for structural damages. This could mean that the rebar inside is already corroding, which is a sign of poor structural foundation. It is always best to consult industry experts for better repair work.

Repairing your walls as early as possible prevents costly issues and ensures your safety. Keep your eyes peeled for these red flags and always inspect for damages.

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