Three Big Reasons Brands Need DRTV

Why direct response tv production is still important In a Thinkbox report, researchers found that an average TV viewer in the UK spent a total of 3 hours and 51 minutes watching the telly every single day in 2015. This is why many companies still consider television as the king of media. And in today’s highly saturated market, brands would do anything to get the customer’s attention and fight even more to keep it.

The reality is that TV is still a powerful marketing medium and a Direct Response TV (DRTV) production remains a popular marketing and advertising tactic.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy through DRTV:

1. There is no middle man

As the name suggests, DRTV reaches out to the consumers directly and then encourages them to give a feedback by calling a phone number or visiting a website. When there are no distributors in pay, it means the company does not have middle men to pay. It saves on cost.

2. Instant and faster sales

In DRTV, the only thing standing between the potential customers and the products is the phone number they need to call or the website they need to visit. With the proliferation of smartphones, consumers can use a single device to do both — call a phone number and visit a website. It has become easier and it can result in faster transactions.

3. Sense of urgency

Brands can create that sense of urgency through DRTV and consumers would jump at the chance to get a good bargain or a huge discount. DRTV productions are well scripted and planned. This means for brands, it feels like you have your best sales person on the job — selling your product and doing a demonstration in front of 1,000,000 viewers or so.

Just because social media is all the rave now does not mean brands can overlook one of the best-performing channels. DRTV is extremely beneficial if you want to showcase your product through a demo. Do not miss this opportunity to use DRTV to boost your sales.

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