What is the One Critical Factor to Productivity?

Cleaning Tools

You may spend most of your time at your office because you want to perform better for the company. But if your office is not well-maintained, it could be a haven for dust, germs, and bacteria that may spread diseases. Due to sickness among employees, the UK lost millions of working days or about 4.3 days for each worker in 2016. The most common reason for sickness absence is minor illnesses such as coughs and colds.

Germs and Bacteria Present in the Office

Desk-bound jobs require that the office furniture receives regular cleaning. It’s not merely about clearing the clutter so you can focus on your tasks. It’s also about removing microorganisms. In fact, a report shows that a regular desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Exposing yourself to a dirty desk increases your risks for getting sick.

You and other employees could also suffer from inhalation disorders. These occur when you breathe in substances such as dust, fume, gas, mist or vapour. According to the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, the most commonly reported occupational respiratory in the UK is asthma. This can be occupational asthma or asthma aggravated by work.

Preventing Germs from Spreading

The National Health Services (NHS) recommends cleaning germs hotspots on a regular basis to prevent them from spreading. It is necessary that your cleaning tools are germ-free because it may spread germs to other surfaces.

As a common source of germs, the carpet and soft furnishing in your office should be adequately cleaned so germ will not build up there. Companies offering carpet cleaning in Kent can remove dirt and allergens from your office’s floor covering.

You always have to make sure that you disinfect your desk after every use. It is important that you also clean the things that you always use in your offices such as your keyboard, mouse and your monitor.

Avoid touching things prone to germs build-up and don’t forget to wash your hands. You can also use foot-operated bins in your workplace because it is more hygienic.

In keeping your workstation and the entire office clean, you avoid missing work due to an illness. With more workdays clocked in, you can contribute to the overall productivity of your organisation.

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