Why Switch to Oven-Baked Car Repainting?

Car Painting in AustraliaThe value of your car significantly depreciates over time. This is even more so if its paint has already lost its natural shine and gloss. And while respraying your car can be a do-it-yourself project, the quality of the workmanship may not be that great. Additionally, the evenness of the paint coating may not be guaranteed, giving you a botched car paint job.

Oven-Baked Automotive Painting

You don’t have to paint your car yourself. Nova Smash Repairs says you can always take it to a car body shop for a fresh coat of paint. However, you need to choose between ordinary spray painting and oven-baked car painting. While one is definitely cheaper than the other, oven-baked car painting does have its perks.

Dust-Free Environment

The environment where low temperature oven-baked car painting is performed is generally dust-free. This results in a more stable application of a coat of paint. It’s this dust-free environment that makes the car oven an ideal place for automotive repainting. If it were to be performed outside, dust would readily settle on the wet paint, giving the whole car a speckled look and a rather course finish, instead of the glossy and smooth finish you’d expect.


Additionally, the room-sized oven is fully filtered to protect the environment from the harmful chemicals found in automotive paints. If the painting job were to be performed outside, the airborne chemicals can be carried elsewhere and can readily settle on other life forms in the immediate surroundings.

More Durable Finish

Perhaps the best advantage of oven-baked car painting over the ordinary type of automotive repaint is the strength and durability of the finished paint coat. With air temperature maintained at a constant setting, individual paint molecules are evenly distributed across the surface of the car. This creates a very even layer and colour of automotive paint. Additionally, since the paint molecules have been sprayed onto the car in exactly the same environmental conditions, they are better able to bond with each other. This creates a stronger and more durable paint finish.

To add more value to your car, invest in good quality automotive repainting services.

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