21 Winning Ways In Blackjack


BlackjackBlackjack has always been one of the most popular games. It is among the casino staples that players naturally gravitate to during nights of gaming enjoyment.

More importantly, it is a game where you can take matters into your own hands, rather than simply rely on good fortune. While it sometimes takes blind luck to win in most casino games, Blackjack is one of the games where players can strategize and have a chance to beat the house. You just need to get the basics of Blackjack card strategy down.

While there are no sure ways to win, you can increase your chances of evening the odds and beating the house. Solaire Hotel Resort and Casino offers these winning tips to stick to and mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

The Always

1. Keep your game face
2. Learn Basic Strategy
3. Read the limit sign
4. Assume the odds are against you
5. Keep emotions in check
6. Hit a soft 17
7. Split aces and 8s
8. Stand on hard 17
9. Make occasional “toke” bets for dealers
10. Control your gaming time
11. Have fun

The Nevers

12. Play cards while drinking
13. Over bet (when winning)
14. Make foolish plays (over extend your luck)
15. Believe in winning streaks (they all end)
16. Believe in “hot” or “cold” tables or dealers
17. Be Rude to dealers and other players
18. Chase money when losing
19. Rely on superstition
20. Split 5s or 10s
21. Stand on 12-16

Blackjack is a fun game that involves cunning strategy, an unreadable face, and just sometimes, sheer luck to beat the odds. Keep these 21 winning tips in mind and enjoy your winning ways in Blackjack. After all, the most important aspect of playing the game is to enjoy every second of it.

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