Bedtime Reads For Your Little Ones

girl sleeping

Reading bedtime stories to your children is one of the most effective ways to foster parent-child relationships. These classic tales tap into the readers’ imagination by incorporating magical elements with human emotions. Read some of these favourites to lull them to sleep on their children’s beds:

girl sleeping

The Ugly Duckling

This story emphasises the importance of appreciating your own inner beauty and talents instead of focusing on what the eyes can see. It teaches how loving yourself and knowing your rightful place will make you the happiest.

Jack and the Beanstalk

This has been a popular pick among children as it greatly challenges the imagination. A beanstalk that can grow so tall that it reaches the sky, a villainous giant, and a goose that lays golden eggs complete the ensemble.

The Three Little Pigs

Many children love stories about battles and winning over powerful enemies. They’ll find it fascinating how small pigs beat a big bad wolf. The story deals with how ingenuity and cooperation can overcome any danger.


The story is about a kind woodcarver named Gepet to who creates a wooden puppet named “Pinocchio.” He treats him like a son and wants him to turn into a real boy. Pinocchio, however, is prone to telling lies and fabricating stories.

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